Amalia Mesa-Bains

Venus Envy Chapter I

Venus Envy Chapter One (Of The First Holy Communion Moments Before The End)

The project was single room installation, part of a planned 3 part series that serves as a kind of retrospective. The installation revolves around three characters, the virgin, the nun, and the bride, each of which informs the three sections of the work.

On June 18, 2022, Amalia Mesa-Bains presented a two-part exhibition featuring the autobiographical installation Venus Envy, Chapter I: The First Holy Communion Moments Before the End and Madrinas y Hermanas (Godmothers and Sisters), a selection of works from SFMOMA’s permanent collection curated by the artist.
SFMoMA purchased Amalia's exhibit Venus Envy 1, thereby making Amalia a permanent member of the Madrinas and Hermanas artists at SFMoMA.